Milano Custom Homes provides turn-key investment opportunities for investors that do not have the time or expertise to navigate the home-building/selling market. Our investors are busy professionals who want to make money in real-estate development but do not have the bandwidth to do the work or the support system in place to go through the whole process. We will help you acquire land, build the right product on it and take it all the way to selling it. It is a totally passive investment for the investor, since we are doing all the work from finding the land, designing the product, building it and selling it. As one of the best home builders Houston has to offer, we know the process and can help you maximize your return.  As the investor, all you do is just sit back and make an extra-ordinarily high return on investment. If you need financing, we can connect you with our banking partners and help you with that as well. This is a great opportunity to start or expand your Houston real estate investment efforts.  Call or email us today to see if you are a good fit for our real-estate development and investment program.